Things Not Seen By Andrew Clements

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The book Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements, is about a 15 year old boy, Bobby Phillips. One typical Tuesday morning he went to take a shower as usual. That’s when he realized he was invisible, when he couldn’t see himself in his mirror. Bobby told his parents quickly. His mom, a literature professor and his dad, a physicist, both try to figure out how this could have happened to their son, but have no clue where to start searching for the solution to what seems like an impossible problem. One day when Bobby was visiting his favorite place, the library, he runs into a blind girl named Alicia and they both realize that they feel invisible. Bobby turned invisible more likely because of a his feelings. Bobby thinks he can’t let …show more content…

He feels different because he thinks that he shouldn’t do certain things because he is invisible so he shouldn’t share his feelings. For example Bobby was about to kiss Alicia instead he felt he shouldn’t , “And I am feeling like I want to kiss her. Which is not the first time I’ve felt this way, but without a body, with just a shadow-body, it never felt right before. It was one of those things I couldn’t see myself doing.”(page 245). This shows that it was about his emotion because he felt that feeling a lot, but he wouldn’t show it. Also he feels like he changed. For instance on page 239 it states, “Because a week ago, back when there was no hope of a comeback, I didn’t have any responsibilities. None. I was a floater. A week ago, it was all about living, just living, minute by minute. No tomorrow, no future. No tracks. No expectations. Not really here. Mostly gone. And there’s a kind of freedom in that. And I wonder if I’ll miss it.” This is telling us that Bobby is feeling different from the way he was before. He talks about how being invisible changed him. It changed him by making him realise he should let his emotions …show more content…

The reason why is because Bobby wore the blanket to sleep, which happened to be the same way how someone else turned invisible. For example in the laboratory it states, “So this blast of high-energy particle cuts through the exaggerated electrical field caused by the faulty blanket controller, and bingo! No more Bobby!”(page 218) This shows how it can be scientific matter because also the electricity of the electric blanket may have caused Bobby to .be invisible. Another instance, is that how a different person had the same thing, “One night she went to sleep and was gone.” (page 139). This shows this because if this happened twice when they were wearing electric blankets, then it was because of science. Everything has a cause and an effect. So that means another cause or reason why Bobby turned invisible was because of

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