Things Not Seen Bobby Phillips

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Things Not Seen with Bobby Phillips, which is the main character and the protagonist , he wakes up and can 't see himself in the mirror. He 's not blind, not dreaming he 's just invisible. There just doesn’t seem to be any reason or solution to Bobby 's new problem. Even the physicist can 't figure it out. It was like he was a missing person, but when he tried to tell his parents they didn’t think he was telling the truth until he showed them and his mom was scared and worried. Bobby was just a regular kid who is a 15 year old person he is the son of a professor mother and a physicist father and since his mother is professor he goes to a private school which is the university of Chicago lab school and also who loves music. He listens to music and plays the trumpet. As he Bobby explain to his parents about his invisibility which he doesn’t even know so he cant even really explain it himself his father the physicist cant seem to put it together on how he became invisible until they could or can figure out how it happen and what they could do to reverse it, so they told him very strict to stay home and not to tell anyone about this or people would be crowding their house. Bobby changed because one day when bobby came up with the idea to use his invisibility to take the chance…show more content…
When he came back he finds a email from Alicia explaining that she 's sorry about her outburst and that it was just that she feel that he 'll leave her behind now he doesn 't need her comfort and company now. she also write him a poem.Bobby starts crying of tears of joy and runs over to Alicia house and tell her that he loves
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