Thomas Berry Returning To Nature

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In the essay named Returning To Nature the audience is introduced to how planet Earth has gone through a destructive path in an ecological, societal, and spiritual way. What many are failing to see is how all of these factors will affect families. In spite of all of these factors there still lies hope for planet Earth, if the people of this planet return to having a spiritual connection with the wonders of this planet. Thomas Berry is a primary person, who has started this movement with his book The Dream of the Earth. Berry’ perspective teaches that in order to better serve planet Earth its history must be studied. Astrophysicists have commented on how the universe is a fireball that is always evolving and that it is approximately 13.7 billion years old.
In addition, the article goes further in to mention as to how human DNA analysis originated back to Africa. This discovery is evidence as to how some of the oldest group of humans originated in the area of the Nile River in Nubia. These ancient cultures are believed to have a divine sense of connection and understanding of spirituality the natural world has. Thomas Berry explains in the article that it is encouraged for Christians to understand that the universe is the number one revelation that God has bestowed to humans; therefore making it sacred. Modern Western Bourgeois Industrial –Colonial …show more content…

It was a time of a great mixture of ideas as politics, science, religion, and philosophy started influencing the lives and decisions of the middle and upper class. The Protestant Reformation was also largely responsible as to why mechanical printing came forth. It allowed for the Bible and literature to expand within the middle classes. This era gave humans the opportunity to see the creativeness of the masculine side of humanity and how science and technology can transform the way of living for

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