Thomas Findley Psychological Effects Of War

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The ideology of power and patriotism provoked many nationalistic leaders to commence horrifying battles. In consequence, these barbarous warfare annihilated many innocent soldiers and obliterated numerous countries. Many leaders compelled a great number of youth to enlist in the war to fight and protect their countries. Therefore, these young adults, also known as the lost generation, transformed them into emotionless beings after their horrendous experience on the battlefield. Moreover, how and why is the lost generation portrayed throughout ''The Wars'' by Thomas Findley? In fact, war not only causes immediate damage, but perpetual devastation to the future of the young and innocent soldiers. To begin, their living conditions were atrocious, …show more content…

In fact, these soldiers were exposed to constant physical danger which forced fear to control their behavior. As a consequence, they committed many actions unwillingly, that went against their values and morals, to defend themselves from the petrifying battles. In the novel ''The Wars'', Robert Ross was forced to follow orders from his superior and shoot a horse that was injured with his pistol. In the book, Thomas Findley said: '' He took his aim. His arm wavered. His eyes burned with seat. Why didn't someone come and jump on his back and make him stop?'' From this quote, we realize that his great love for animals made him feel culpable, which provoked a psychological war to bombard his head. Moreover, after the war, the youths were unable to reintegrate into society since they were incapable of interacting with any individual who did not participate in the battle, since they have not experienced the horror of the war. As a consequence, the young soldiers were unable to pursue their goals since these psychological disorders were massive obstacles. Moreover, the author decided to portray this concept throughout the whole novel to remind the reader that physical destruction is not the only disadvantage of war. Many individuals believe that surviving on the battlefield without experiencing dreadful injuries, grant the young soldiers a life full of peace and freedom. In fact, the youth who are affected by the psychological disorders need as much guidance and support as the soldiers who are brutally injured during the battles. Moreover, the psychological wars that bombard their minds have the power to trample upon their life. To conclude, the soldiers did not dare to aim for a successful future since the warfare annihilated their mental

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