Thomas Jefferson Notes On The State Of Virginia Summary

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Thomas Jefferson wrote an article called “ Notes on the state of Virginia”, in 1787. The main purpose of Jefferson writing this document was to express his feelings in regards the economy of Virginia and how to improve it. Jefferson argued how Virginia should focus on the resources that will make their economy better such as land. Jefferson knew that their way to become profitable would be through the land they owned. Jefferson expressed all throughout his article how Virginia was not great at manufacturing clothes. Jefferson mentioned, “We have manufactured within our families the most necessary articles of clothing. Those of cotton will bear some comparison with the same kinds of manufacture in Europe; but those of wool, flax and hemp are very coarse, unsightly and unpleasant.” Jefferson states how people in Virginia were not as great at manufacturing clothes like people in Europe. People in Virginia only produced a small amount of clothing, but not enough to provide to all the people that resided there. Not being able to provide large amounts of clothing and of great quality, Jefferson came to realize that they should invest time into something that will make people in Virginia earn more profits. …show more content…

Jefferson knew that Virginia had great lands to grow cotton and that this will help them grow economically. Jefferson states, “But we have an immensity of land courting the industry of the husbandman. Is it best then that all our citizens should be employed in its improvement”. Letting us understand how important the land is for them. It can provide them with great opportunities if all people in America work the land together. They will invest time and effort in the lands in order to produce raw cotton and materials to make clothes in order to trade with

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