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“I die the king's faithful servant, but God’s first.” Thomas More was born on February 7, 1478. It was in 1516 when Thomas more wrote his famous book utopia, one of the first books to be written about an imaginary world. Thomas More was as strong as a writer as he was in leadership. He served as King Henry VIII counselor. When King Henry decided that he would be a better fit for the head of the church, More did not want to acknowledge his idea as head of the church. From all the dilemmas that he had gone through, his life during his career was also greatly satisfying to what he had accomplished in his years of life. During his life, alive, he was a brilliant mind to the people around him. His work helped us find the confidence and has set …show more content…

King Henry decided to hire Thomas Cromwell to investigate More. When More was sent to trial by King Henry, More successfully escaped trial by writing to the king and Cromwell to affirm loyalty to King Henry and asked to plead his case. In 1534, Unfortunately, he got into more trouble when he refused to take upon the oath of succession. After he refused to swear on his allegiance in front of the commission of the court, he was arrested and got sent to get imprisoned in the Tower of London. He was charged with four counts of treason. One of them being when he refused the king as head of the Church of England. The second one being he had communication with a prisoner, John Fisher. Third was refusing the oath of succession. Fourth was for having communication with Richard Rich. For one of the reason that Thomas More is famous was for denying the fact as the king being head of the church. This event in history has a big impact on our present day. The present would be much different if Thomas More has never …show more content…

After they had their issues and after More was executed, other people started to admire More’s work. One thing that he did was his religious actions. His religious actions caused commentators of england to divide. He also had some actions upon heretics. He also reflected limits of his own time of culture. One other thing that he did that caused him problems with the king was to refuse to sign a letter asking Pope Clement VII to get King Henry VIII a divorce to Catherine of Aragon. After a disagreement with King Henry VIII becoming the head of the Church of England, More decided that he could no longer support King Henry. This caused him many conflicts with the king. Which caused him to be

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