Thoreau's 'Self-Reliance'

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In today’s world, it is very hard to often times stay true to yourself, It is important to stay true to who you are because everyone is unique and is special in their own way so by hiding it the world or people around you will never see it. In Walden’s “Self-Reliance” he say’s, “ Our life is like a German Confederacy, made up of petty states, with its boundary forever fluctuating…” When this is said it is meant to be taken as how controlled our lives can easily become.The petty states seem to represent maybe our family, friends, the society we live in or now social media. These will be the type of things that can hold us back from being who we truly are and want to become. From Thoreau's Walden it is stated that, “A man is relieved and …show more content…

. In 1920 when Plutarco Elias Calles took over the constitution became brutally enforced. Growing up Jose was forced to attend mass in secret, in his church he grew real close to the priest who was teaching him to an alter boy. One day government soldier stormed the church and started destroying it along with executing the priest for not denouncing his faith. Jose was a witness to all of this and obviously heartbroken so he decided to join the resistance along with his two brothers. At the camp he was given chores to and did them with no complaints, soon becoming the heart of the camp. He was given the job by the General to carry the flag, in battle the generals horse was shot down so he gave him his and went to hide. Unfortunately he and another boy were captured and taken into imprisonment, there government officials would try and get him to go against the lord. When he would he refused he would be tortured and forced to watch other executions but he never once broke. In prison he would write to his mother and tell her he has accepted his faith god planned for him and to give his final goodbyes to his loved ones. On February 10th the decision to execute Jose was made, the general for the government cut the bottom of his feet and beat him severely. He was

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