Tippecanoe Mission Command

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In preparation and throughout the Battle of Tippecanoe, General William Henry Harrison successfully used Mission Command to meet his intent. The fight for land between the United States (U.S) and Indian tribes began with the creation of land treaties. From 1783 to 1871, the U.S made 372 land treaties with the Indians under the constitutional treaty power.1 The intent was to teach Indians how to farm and push them into debt by selling them farming equipment.2 Tecumseh, the Shawnee chief believed that land belonged to the people and could not be sold by any person.3 Treaties established and Tecumseh’s belief of land usage, led to the Battle of Tippecanoe. Although, Tecumseh disagreed with established treaties, General Harrison used…show more content…
His overall tactical assessment of the situation allowed him to make decisions, which framed his commander’s intent. As a commander, General Harrison actively became involved in the operations process in which he was able to understand, visualize, assess, and lead his men to victory.23 During the Battle of Tippecanoe, General Harrison displayed situational understanding and used mission variables in combination with operation variables to shape the battlefield.24 General Harrison understood that land attainment was critical for the U.S and enforcing the land treaties became the main objective. In order for the U.S to acquire the land they wanted and to push the British away, he developed a plan to brief to the Secretary of War to receive approval for his…show more content…
He also applied critical and creative thinking to understand, visualize, and lead in the decision making process.26 Tecumseh, could have given General Harrison a fight if he would have been able to lead and follow the operations process instead of his brother, the Prophet, making the decisions. General Harrison accomplished his mission, utilizing detailed planning and continuous analysis of the battlefield, which caused the Shawnee Indians their land. The battle demonstrated the proper way for a commander to lead the operations process. General Harrison also properly incorporate the Army Design Methodology in all of his
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