To Kill A Mockingbird And Radley's Analysis

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“Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” -- Simon Bolivar. Throughout each book, both of the characters,Jem from To Kill a Mockingbird and Junior from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part - Time Indian mature a lot from experiences and judgement they use. Jem believes he is invincible and no punishment can touch him and also that all people have good intentions. As he grows up through the novel, he learns an important lesson and so does Junior as he grows up. The world and the people in it will not always be fair. Junior learns this very important lesson about the world in similar and different ways than Jem. He already knows the world is not fair, to him at least. He is under the great impression that the …show more content…

Jem feels he is so invinceable and he can never get punished because he has never received a real punishment from Atticus yet. Jem feels so on top of the world that he thinks role playing as the Radleys is a good idea. Making fun or “playing” as the Radley’s is a bad idea because of their reputation in Maycomb. They are like the outsiders of the community. They put a creepy and eerie vibe and they never go outside so no one sees them so everyone just makes up stories about them. He goes through with the idea because he does not know any better about the consequences. One day when the kids are playing, Atticus is coming home and he sees them playing the game, when Atticus quickly figures about what they are doing and he scolds Jem for thinking that this game was okay. Jem responds, “We weren’t makin’ fun of him, we weren’t laughin’ at him’ said Jem. ‘ We were just-” Jem does not know how to react to this new found form of punishment coming from Atticus, before he could speak again, “ You stop this nonsense right now, every one of you” (Lee 65). Jem has a very innocent and young mindset right now. He still believes the world is perfect and and he will always be happy, but that is not the case. Jem has not learned the very important lesson about the world yet, the world is not always fair and happy. He has not learned the lesson just quite yet because of the light punishments he is receiving for actions that deserve worse punishments. He is being protected from the world so he does not know any better about the “real real” world. Since he does not know the real brutal world yet, he does not know that his behavior is cruel to Boo and his family. He never realizes that what he was doing to Boo was wrong. All he knew was the stories he made up about him and that is what he lives by. He believed these stories so much to think they are 100 percent true because his naiveness

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