Character Analysis Of Aunt Alexandra's Character From 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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TKaM Essay 1 However, Mr. Cunningham is not the only person from To Kill a Mockingbird that has a real life counterpart like Thomas Jefferson. Aunt Alexandra is another character from To Kill a Mockingbird that has a real world counterpart; although Aunt Alexandra is seen as an “evil person” she also has her fair share of characteristics we see in a “good person” as in the way she sees and cares about people. Jem and Scout are walking home one day and upon arriving at home, they see their Aunt Alexandra sitting on the porch. When they arrive at the house, they see her heavy suitcase on the porch, implying she would be there for some time. Upon asking the reason for her stay she tells them, “Well, your father and I decided it was time I…show more content…
He is credited by the military with having a whopping 160 kills! Because of his large number of kills, many people see him as a trigger happy killer and nothing more. A writer for The Guardian describes Chris Kyle as “a complex guy in a bad war who convinced himself he loved killing to cope with an impossible situation; or a straight-up serial killer exploiting an oppressive system”(West). She, like many others, does not think Chris Kyle was a patriot doing a good thing, but as a serial killer. However, you can find many stories of the heroic actions Chris Kyle did while overseas. On the website,, there is a story of how Chris Kyle saved two marines. While up on a rooftop providing sniper cover, a group of marines came under fire and Chris Kyle and his teammate ran down to help. When they got there they saw two marines laying in the street. The history website says, “Chris and the other SEAL darted out into the street to the injured men, sprinting twenty yards into a torrent of gunfire. ‘You can hear the snaps. You know they 're close,’ he said.’You just block it out.’”(History). He risked his own life to save the lives of two other soldiers
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