To Kill A Mockingbird Discrimination Quotes

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“As Mr.Dolphus Raymond was an evil man accepted his invitation reluctantly”(pg.200) Dolphus Raymond is know for having mixed children with a black women. This makes him appear as a outcast and a bad person which shows both discrimination and good vs evil, which is especially expressed in trail of Tom Robinson and Mayyella Ewell. In Harper Lee's book To Kill a Mockingbird, she uses the trial to create the themes of good vs evil and discrimination. Bob Ewell shows this through what he says, what he thinks as well as the language he uses, also how a trial is set up, and what happens in the testimonies show good vs evil. It also shows discrimination by where the people have to sit, with the section specifically for black people. The interaction …show more content…

This theme is mostly represented by Atticus Finch and Tom robinson as the good, and Bob/Mayella Ewell as the bad. This theme is shows mostly in the trial but is also shows in the after affect of the trial. When the trial starts and Atticus initially starts his cross examination to Mayella Ewell he does it calmly and without showing emotion, this represents good because he is not letting any emotions such as anger or the feeling of the trial being unjust get to him. ”“Just answer the question yes or no, please, Sheriff,” said Atticus dryly, and Mr. Tate fell silent. Atticus sat down and nodded to the circuit solicitor, who shook his head at the judge, who nodded to Mr. Tate, who rose stiffly and stepped down from the witness stand” Atticus was defending Tom Robinson out of the kindness and the goodness of his heart. He is a extremely kind and caring person which is one of the reasons he is such a good lawyer, he always has others peoples best interest at heart and is one of the most selfless people in the book which is why he represents good in the trial of Tom Robinson. But the opposite type of person would be Mr. Gilbert who is Mayella Ewell's lawyer when cross examining Tom Robinson spoke and questioned with a anger and hatred to it. Both in the tone he was setting when he spoke and even just the word choice he was using. So Mr. Gilbert is representing the idea of bad in this scene of the trial. Through out his cross examination he is used words like the n word as well as referring to Tom Robinson as “boy” repeatedly over and over again sending the signal that he views Tom as not important and almost worthless. “You were given thirty days once for disorderly conduct, Robinson?” asked Mr. Gilmer. “Yes suh.” “What’d the black person look like when you got through with him?” “He beat me, Mr. Gilmer.” “Yes, but you were convicted, weren’t you?” Atticus raised his

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