To Kill A Mockingbird Racism Quotes

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Racism is a timeless act it started in the 1600s during colonization and it's happening now in 2023. In the story To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Racism was scattered across the entire book of To Kill A Mockingbird. In the story, Harper Lee illustrates racism through the characters' actions, which ultimately impact how scouts see the world. In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Francis and Atticus show Racism through the Actions they made. A part of the book where there is racism in the book was when they were at the finch's property and scout was mad that Francis was calling Atticus an n-word lover. "Scout," said Atticus, "n*****-lover is just one of those terms that don't mean anything—like snot-nose. It's hard to explain—ignorant, trashy people use it when they think somebody's favoring N****es over and above themselves. It's slipped into usage with some people like …show more content…

It is our church, ain't it, Miss Cal?" (Lee,12) What Lula said to Calpurnia was racist because Calpurnia was trying to bring Scout and Jem to church but Lula stopped them and wouldn't let them in because Calpurnia is trying to take them to church instead of a white person. Racism is all over the book but this shows what it was like back then in the 1930s, Scout's life was affected by racism realizing that people aren't treated the same. Bob Ewell and Judge Taylor show racism through the actions they made during court. Bob Ewell said He stood up and pointed his finger at Tom Robinson. “—I seen that black n***** yonder ruttin' on my Mayella! (Lee,17) This is obviously Racist because Bob is a white man calling Tom ( A black man ) the n-word This shows Racism through the Actions that the characters made. But to dig deeper the reason Bob said this is to make Tom look less by calling him the N-word so that Mayella would have more power and make Tom look less So the Jury will more likely sentence

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