To Kill A Mockingbird Response

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In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, there were many dramas and excitement that had happened in the story. It was an enthusiastic book that was published by the author Harper Lee and very popular too. It was most appealing how the town was blinded by racism which led to several incidents throughout the story. Most of the story was very intriguing where you could find a little girl named Scout that would act like a boy and would learn more about the town called Maycomb and her father Atticus, as well. This is a very fascinating book that builds a curiosity in yourself to leave you breathless about finding out what would happen next in the story. There is truth behind the title of the book that we are about to uncover. I believe that the title of the book means to not kill innocent, peaceful creatures that are there to only help you. …show more content…

But a mockingbird wouldn’t do anything harmful to humans nor bother them that they would only create beautiful music for us to hear. Basically the title “To Kill a Mockingbird” is referring about not killing any mockingbird because they don’t bother anyone and would only make music for them. I think that Atticus wanted to teach his kids a lesson about not hurting people who are peaceful and are generous to

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