To Kill A Mockingbird Scout's Journey

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Scout matured quickly through her experiences of the real world. She realized many harsh realities at a very young age. Through her journey she learned the terrible effects of people's racism and hate. Many of the things she learned were not for someone of her age but because of the situations in To Kill a Mockingbird. The story was told by an adult Scout, At the beginning of the story, Scout was just a young girl not yet even in school. She spent her days playing with her older brother, Jem, and later on with Dill. Time was sometimes spend with her father reading. Jem helped guide her along the way so she wouldn’t make so many mistakes. She didn’t understand many of the things that went on around her. Her biggest fear was of the Radley house and the people inside. She was scared of it because of the stories she had heard but she didn’t understand why it was like this. Scout was a little bit of a Tomboy by playing in the dirt wearing overalls and not acting very ladylike. Atticus raised her how he wanted to even though he was criticized for it sometimes. Her first experience of the real world was was Tom Robinson’s trial. She didn’t understand why he was being treated like this. A few days before the trial, she, Jem, and Dill followed Atticus to the …show more content…

Atticus told them not to worry. Tom Robinson is killed trying to escape the prison. Scout and Jem begin noticing ways that they are becoming adults. When school starts, Scout is no longer afraid to pass the Radley house. During Halloween, Scout and Jem were on their way back from a pageant and they were attacked. Bob Ewell was after them for revenge. Boo Radley saved them and ended up killing Mr. Ewell. Jem had a broken arm and Boo brought him to Atticus. After everything calms down, Scout walks Boo to his house. Before she leaves, she imagines what it is like from his

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