Tohono Odham Disease

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Diabetes mellitus type two is a metabolic disorder that is categorized by hyperglycaemia in the context of insulin resistance and relation lack of insulin. It comprises of over ninety percent of people with diabetes around the world. The effect of such illnesses is excess body weight and physical inactivity. More than eighty percent of diabetes deaths occur in third world countries like the Tohono O’odham and the Pima Indians of southern Arizona, more than half of all adults in that population have diabetes and that is within every ten people, there are at least five people who have type two diabetes. Why did it happen? Nearly a century ago, type two diabetes were merely indefinite to those people. In fact, there is only one case of…show more content…
US government often tried to colonize the Tohono O’odham like many other tribes in the US. People who are labelled are required to attend specialized school in the attempt to teach them about the US cultural and that there culture is not the one that they should follow. That is known as institutionalize racism, it concerned with the structure of society and may arrange in institutional practice, law and governmental inaction in the face of need. The Tohono O’odham has more than twenty-four thousand people living on four separate land bases totalling more than two point seven million acres. For such amount of people living in an insufficient area, the living condition is inhabited. Colonialism has an opposing effect on the health and well-being of the Tohono O’odham people and it also linked to the idea of racism. They are neglected and abandoned by the US government and, therefore, has no improvement on their living condition as well as health…show more content…
These two are structural functionalism, political economy and the symbolic interactionism. According to Emile Durkheim, he said that society should be understood as a system of interdependent parts which means we should look at the society at a macro level, looking at the society’s shared values, norms, attitudes and beliefs. This theory can have a positive impact on the people in Tohono because it is related to the relations between different norms and values. For example the people of Tohono

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