Too Fast To Fall By Victoria Dahl Summary

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Book Review "Too Fast To Fall" by Victoria Dahl Introduction Books are one of the wonderful things on Earth. Stories can make you feel different emotions. Writers can make your imagination deploy. Victoria Dahl, an american famous story writer wrote a lot of stories in various genres. One of her stories is the "Too Fast To Fall", a story of a woman who is a fast driver and a handsome deputy. A story that can make your world upside down, and can make you realize to value what you have. This story is officially published at 2013. It is included in the famous and best selling book 'Be Mine' . Summary Jenny Stone is a beautiful fast driver. For her, driving is heaven. She is also an employee on a saloon. Every morning she drive as her hobby,…show more content…
They talk random topics until they ended up talking about Ellis. Jenny tells Nate that Ellis came back for the landscape he is working and not for her. Instead of Nate thinking that Ellis is not interested of Jenny again, he thinks about the case he was solving. The Luis' problem about Victor and it's secret Greenhouse. He is thinking about the possibility that Victor's Greenhouse and Ellis' landscape is just one. They continue talking, but now Nate asking random questions about Ellis. Jenny pissed off and she directedly asked Nate of what's with Ellis that made him interested. Nate tell the whole story thay he was solving a case and that Ellis can be one of the suspect. Jenny gets more irritated and she thinks that Nate just made love with her for him to get informations for his problem cases. After what happen, Jenny did her best to avoid Nate. One day, policemen upbuilt an operation to arrest Victor, Ellis and others that are connected to the secret Greenhouse project. Then unexpectedly, Jenny came. As she was at the area, Nate can't do anything. Jenny listed as one of the suspects and she undergo executing. After proving that she's innocent, she was release and after that, she decide to go far away. She resigned at the saloon and leave her place. Months later, she came back. Nate don't miss the chance to talk to her and fix their problem. They get okay and they started
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