Torvald: Nora's Duty As An Epic Hero

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After fulfilling the duty as a hero, it is hard to look past the good and realize the wrong that has been caused. Nora exemplifies this when she gets the money from Krogtsad to save Torvalds life. She believes that she is making Torvald happy because she has saved his life, but doesn’t realize that she is hurting both him and Krogstad because she is lying to them both. Nora has to forged her father’s signature and lie to Torvald about where the money came from just so she could be looked at as an epic hero. In result of this action bad things come Nora’s way. Nora has not only caused problems for herself, but now for her marriage. Torvald soon comes to find out that Nora forged her father’s signature and that the money wasn’t just handed

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