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Toussaint Louverture was a strong leader, but was mainly remembered as a Liberator of Slaves, Ruler of Saint Domingue, and Military Commander. Toussaint should be remembered as a liberator to the slaves. He worked to set and keep them free. Toussaint was favored towards the rich white man, but a somewhat unbiased ruler. Toussaint was a strong leader in getting his troops ready for war and not to ever give up. He also knew how to shut down the rebels before anything happened. Toussaint Louverture was a liberator of slaves. Toussaint Louverture freed approximately 500,000 slaves. He freed them by serving as a doctor to his troops and led a small army. DOC:A Toussaint revolted against france because france abolished slavery and tried to export …show more content…

Toussaint Louverture created laws in territories so that the French became independent people and slavery was impossible. Toussaint Louverture found the French that were enslaved and brought to Haiti to ensure that there was no further harm committed against them. Toussaint Louverture was a skillful and persuasive military commander. Toussaint Louverture stood beside his troops as the “enslavers” came for the people of Haiti. “Here comes the enslavers of our race.All France is coming to Saint Domingue, to try to put the fetters on our limb, but not France, with all her troops of Rhine, the Alps, the Nile, the Timber, nor all Europe to help her, can extinguish the soul of Africa.” This speech led by Toussaint Louverture gained his soldiers confidence and respect; which showed him as generosity, humanity, and courage. Toussaint Louverture did whatever it took to keep Haiti independent from the French. He worked alongside the slaves using his knowledge from once being a slave to assist them in obtaining their freedom. He was a great strategic military commander, who fought off the French troops. He was a great leader because he freed slaves from France and showed them how to operate plantations without having a license to

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