How Did Robespierre Influence Society

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Throughout history, leaders have used the influence of others to form morals and ideologies for their country. The legacy that rulers leave behind can greatly influence the course of there country, even after death. Maximilien Robespierre is a great example of someone that has been a large influence on other rulers. In the 18th century, the Atlantic Region was full of revolutions, the American, Latin American, Haitian, and the ever so important French. France an active monarchy, with the ruler King Louis the XVI. He was very controlling and lived a luxurious lifestyle. France, at the time, had Three Estates and the Third contained 90 percent of the entire population. This population was not rich, yet they still paid 100 percent of the taxes.…show more content…
Robespierre’s actions would be very influential to future rulers because his rule was one of the first that truly involved terror. The two men that he would influence the most are Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. These were not the only ones though, as he influenced many other ruler and most importantly, the French people. He would negative impacts all over the place, but he arguably helped their society as well. Rulers like Robespierre can be prevented through. By not putting all your trust in one person, and distributing the power, one may not become power hungry.Terror begins when others don’t influence that ruler. Robespierre’s terror grew exponentially after he killed Georges Jacques Danton because he had all the power. Robespierre had all the power to himself and no one could stop him. Also, a society can prevent terror by limiting the amount of time one rules. Robespierre had to long to manipulate the people and form the right relations. Without this, he wouldn’t have had the same power because no one knew enough about him to formulate large scale opinions. It is still inevitable, he abused his power. There are plenty of “if’s” but none change the fact that abusers of power forever influence their society. Incidences like the Reign of Terror, The Holocaust, and Soviet Russia, are the reason for the United Nations and for government systems that include checks and balances. Countries are taking precautions to prevent another Reign of Terror,and that is important. Today, weaponry is even more advanced and can kill faster. The populations are larger and often more confined allowing for the opportunity of more killings. If the same precautions would have been taken in the 18th century, many abusers of power could have been stopped because the domino effect

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