Toxic Stress Caused By Johnny Cade

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Imagine being a sixteen-year-old boy being abused by his parents and being neglected, my middle-class people. The greasers, a gang, has a member being held against the law for violent actions. A gang each has different personality that sets them apart. Whether it is the color or symbol of the gang that tells other people who they are they all do something bad to keep their reputation. Johnny Cade, a sixteen-year-old former member of the greasers. Johnny has smoked cigarettes but never has he kill someone. Johnny Cade suffered from numerous events to lead him to kill Bob. Therefore, he should not be punished to the extent of the law. To start, toxic stress is very atrocious to young teenagers. Researchers say, “Harsh or authoritarian parenting causes toxic stress in children. It can change the structure of their brain and the way their brain function”(Philadelphia Inquirer 1). Johnny Cade has suffered from toxic stress from his parents. That toxic stress could have changed Mr. Cade’s brain structure.“His father was always beating him up, and his mother ignored him, except when she was hacked off at something, and then …show more content…

Ponyboy was being drowned in the water and “(He) couldn’t hold (his) breath any longer”(Hinton 64). David was drowning Ponyboy to the point where he couldn't breathe and “only sucked in water”(64). If Johnny never “Killed (Bob)” he would either have drowned or got abused (63). In essence, he was only doing this for self-defense. He has gotten attacked by the Socs and now he’s taking action to defend himself and Ponyboy. Johnny has a history of getting attacked by “a whole bunch of them.” Johnny Cade got “Scared so much (that) he tried to swear, but (he) suddenly (starts) to cry (profusely). Fighting to (take) control of himself, (he) starts to sob more because he couldn’t stop”(41). In essence, Mr. Cade should not be punched for taking the act of

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