Trail Of Tears Persuasive Letter Essay

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De’Arryona Harris 123 Walnut St Vicksburg, MS 39183 (123) 456-7890 Jude Parker CEO, Parker Tech 74 Lincoln Green Lane Church Stoke, PA 194 Dec 11, 1838 Dear Mr. Parker, During the 1838 Congress passed a law called the Indian Removal homes from Georgia to Indian Territory. It was a long walk 4,000 thousand of us died from the terrible weather,illness, weakness. After the devastating journey, the Cherokee Indians tried to settle in their new "desert" home. In the new territory, problems developed with the new arrivals, and Cherokees who had already come here. These problems were quickly overcame. We now have all that is there, along with all the lives lost. The Trail of Tears was a bad, sad, and hurtful day. People we

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