Indian Land Of Tears Analysis

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The US Congress, in 1830, voted on the issue of what rights Indians had to land and independence in North America, continuing a discussion older than the American colonies. In America, a land of immigrants, the question of whose rights were primary, and on what basis, was centuries old. According to their traditions the Indian communities of the Cherokee people had lived in their homeland in southeastern North
America for centuries.1 Little interested in Indian traditions, officials of the State of
Georgia were waging a campaign to expel the Cherokee from within the borders the state had negotiated with the federal government in 1802. With the election of Andrew
Jackson in 1828, Georgia had gained an ally in the White House who also had a program …show more content…

In debating Indian Removal, Congress was discussing the dispossession and expulsion of independent Indian communities in the eastern half of North America. The debate was not a new one, but was set in terms of the principles and experience of a country with

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