Cherokee Forced Removal

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Forced Move of The Cherokee Nation
The forced move of the Cherokee nation was not a correct action taken by the government at that point of history. It was unfair for the Cherokees, most strongly disagree with the treaty, it violated the Cherokee’s rights, and caused many to die. it also failed to follow the constitution
It was very unfair for the Cherokees to be removed from their homeland, where their ancestors have lived and made it their home. The Cherokees representatives that agreed to the treaty was only a few, and was elected by the Georgia government, who chose them because they support the removal. “...Sir, that paper...Cold a treaty is not ready at all because it was not sanctioned by the great body of the Cherokee and made without their participation or assent.” Major Wm. M. Davis. March 1836
“ ...That those were represented as acting the part of the Cherokees hold no title or designation the Cherokees... nor have they received authority in the nation to form said treaty “ John Ross Sept 1836
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The Cherokees suffered illness and the death of their beloved ones, they were tired, but had to keep moving, forced by the soldiers. The act was cruel and inhumane, and the forced movement of the Cherokees was not a correct action taken at that point in history. It was unfair for the Cherokees, because the general was not willing to move. It violated the Cherokee’s rights, caused a great number of casualties, and violated the constitution. The action should not have been taken by Americans at that point of time, and it shouldn’t be done by any religion or nation and any time. It was wrong to invade and claim forcefully, through unfair treaties, and cruel action. We can’t go back time to change anything, but the scar left for the Cherokees should always remind us, of the serious consequences, and prevent any further

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