Was The Indian Removal Is Wrong Essay

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xIs it wrong to kick someone out of their own home when they didn’t do anything wrong? The Cherokee was in that same situation. The Cherokees’ situation was just like taking a cell phone ,which is dear to a human, away. They were kicked off their own land. They had done nothing too bad, but the Georgians wanted them to leave. The Supreme Court even allowed them to stay, but the new settlers still wanted them out. The Indian Removal isn’t justified and the Indians should have stayed in Georgia because it was their own land, staying would help their health, and only a few signed the treaty. The land was the Cherokees’ to begin with. They had built their own society, and built all their living huts and all their homes. In an article called “Cherokee Towns” it says, “In the historic era beginning around 1700 to near 1800, there were about sixty Cherokee towns and villages in modern North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Most were located in clusters located on various major watersheds and identified by the British trade based in Charles Town (Charleston), SC, as the Overhill, Valley, Middle, Lower and Out Towns.”This shows that it takes …show more content…

The Cherokee had been living on the land far longer than the settlers had arrived. They built their own land and made a whole society. The Cherokee were healthy and they had all the buffalo they needed and they had herbs. Only a handful of the Cherokee leaders signed the treaty and the Supreme Court even said they could stay. It is wrong to push people out of their own home when they did nothing wrong. The Indian Removal Act isn’t justified. No one wants to leave their home. It's sad and depressing when they’re kicked out. They don’t know where to go and what to do. It's a very difficult situation and that should happen to nobody if they didn’t do anything

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