Indian Removal Act And Trail Of Tears Research Paper

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Lindsey Hernandez Johnson U.S. Honors 28 September 2015 The Indian Removal Act & Trail of Tears Picture this; someone is in their home with their family, they are the first people to ever settle in this land, Native American, with their own language, religion and one day white people come. The white people are treated with kindness and welcome, not out of dignity but out of fear. There is peace. But one morning, the white people force said natives out of their homes, they beat them, driving them out of the stability and comfort they were once in, on to a 1,000-mile march. In 1830, Andrew Jackson began such actions. This period in American history is known as the “Removal Era”, from the 1830’s to as long as the 1870’s (Stockdale). The Era’s

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