Indian Removal Act Dbq

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Imagine having to walk over 1200 miles because someone else wants you land. In 1820 five Native American tribes the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Seminole, Cherokee, and Creek Indians were invaded by all of the white people who came to the U.S from Europe, and the white men got very settled. Ever since the white men showed up to the U.S. there was conflict with the Native Americans. The Indian Removal Act is when southern Indian tribes formed their removal of the Natives and forced them to leave all of there stuff. I believe that the Indian Removal Act is a step in the wrong direction because we were not treating the Native Americans like human beings, it went against the constitution, and jackson wanted to build a wall to separate.

We the Americans treated the Native Americans as if they were animals. Others might says that they were in our land or that we wanted it because the gold there was our gold not their gold. Truth is they did not want it for the gold they wanted it because that is where there ancestors died and are buried there. They were living there so we can 't just tell people that they can not live somewhere and rip them out of their land and …show more content…

Now some people might say that Americans are better than the Natives because we are more civilized so why should we have to be in the same general area as uncivilized people. Although no one group or even in individual is better or more important that another. “It seems now to me an established fact they can not live in contact with a civilized community and prosper.” [Document D (Paragraph one about Jackson 's)] I do not understand how people are not civilized enough to not be able to have any kind of interaction with you. Maybe how ever civilized they are is all that they can do or that is good enough for them. There land is still the United States territory so the should be treated with the same rights that U.S. citizens

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