Transcendentalist Thoreau Reflection Essay

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On the 26th of February, I composed a small experiment so as to assess the validity of Transcendentalist Thoreau’s statements about nature and experience the force of nature as he did. Primarily, I would focus on the validity of an ideal depiction of nature and the effects of nature on human thought and feelings. The following is an excerpt of my observations and findings:
A soft wind chills my spine as I enter the woods, sparse and grey. The drooping branches grab loosely at me, like zombies pulling me into their pitiful graves. Fallen twigs, colourless and dreadfully bland, are strewn about the squishy, muddy ground, crunching as I continue from step to step. The wind picks up the pace as it rushes to its midnight duty, stirring a family of leaves from their state of repose, generating a faint rustle. Tall trees border my
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It has truly been a long time since I have looked into nature; schoolwork and projects have taken a toll on me. In the woods, I can finally recognize that the complexities of society have been distracting me from the fundamentals of life. I seem to have forgotten about basic pleasures of life, like taking a walk or relaxing outside. It reminds me that I am a natural being-- a human. As Thoreau stated in support of a simple, nature life: “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say let your affairs be two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand ...keep your accounts on your thumbnail” (“Walden”). I realize the accuracy in this statement after being introduced to nature once again; the complications and anxiety of society are quite unnecessary. Living a simple life in harmony with nature would allow the soul to truly rest in peace, because it relieves one of the burden of societal expectations. By simplifying life, one can target certain goals to achieve and make the most out of the short time we are all given on
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