Traumatic Military Experiences

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When a soldier joins the military, he isn’t just joining to fight for his country, he’s joining a brotherhood that lasts forever.Throughout the course of history, soldiers have encountered inexplicable experiences. These experiences are so traumatic that they cause a life full of hardship.Fortunately, they are not alone.Soldiers in the armed forces share common similarities such as: adapting to civilian life, going through failed marriages, and forming a bond with one another. After World War I had ended the government allowed the remaining troops to be released back into society. Allowing them back into society without being checked lead to many consequences .Too many troops were coming home with a disorder called PTSD, this caused them to live a stressful life.Current day, the military views this as a high priority. Beth Wegner says “For soldiers currently returning home from deployment there are many resources available to them to make the reintegration process easier. …show more content…

"Any man in combat who lacks comrades who will die for him, or for whom he is willing to die," William Manchester wrote of his time as a Marine in World War II, "is not a man at all. He is truly damned." (Matthew Bogdanos) The relationships that soldiers create during their service is one of the strongest connections ever made. They share an involvement with each other during desperate periods of life or death These bonds will last them a lifetime. These bonds that soldiers share are so important to their time that they serve. Going into battle with a comrade that will do anything for you gives the confidence and will continue to do so throughout their entire lives.The bond between two soldiers is an unbreakable bond. Soldiers share many commonalities with one another. Experiences from war have proven to cause traumatizing memories, yet it has brought about lifetime friendships. One could speak with a soldier and try to understand, but to truly understand one would have to experience

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