Trayvon Martin And The Lawsuit Against Paula Deen

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The television series I selected is Law and Order SVU. In this particular episode they talk about the killing of Trayvon Martin and also the lawsuit against Paula Deen this episode is about race and ethnicity. This episode is about a famous southern chef who shoots a black unharmed wearing a hood. It just turns out the young man was a fun of her work and wanted a autograph but because she doesn’t like African American people , and she claims she felt treated by him. Also in episode she says “ you think just because you caught a black rapist , that he is the only one?”. She also said to a detective from Georgia that “down here” she would be getting a medal. This has to do with race because the chef shot the black because deep she disliked …show more content…

He got shot by three officers who thought he was pulling for a weapon but it was never found. Later in the episode they stated that young man innocent. According to the episode if they had waited a little longer they would have realized that he was unarmed. Two of the officers were charged with manslaughter one a the other officer was charged with reckless endangerment. This has to do with race and ethnicity because a African American men was shot just for running and was continuously shot while he was trying to put his hands up. Lastly another episode 23 season 18 hate crime against a Muslims the episode opens with three men committing rape and murder while robbing a family owned Syrian restaurant. The women that witnessed this is being force to deport because she is Muslim. This has to do race and ethnicity because it shows how because of lady race she has to be sent back so she can’t testify against her …show more content…

For example episode 11 when a guy named Jason Robert physically attacks a girl named Megan in front of an audience , he behavior is considered deviance because he harms another person. Attacking another person and stalking is prime example that he is different from most people. Another example is episode season 15 episode 10 when detective Benson attacked and kidnapped by a murder. This broke into her apartment and held her captive for four days where he would tie her up and make her watch as he did unspeakable things to another. His behavior would be considered as deviance because what he does is unsocial and it violates what is considered normal in today’s society.
Lastly another example is season 6 episode 12 where investigation of a gang member that fell off the roof of a building leads to an investigation, but later in the episode to turns into a tale about the twins (one girl and one boy ). We later learn that girl of the twins was born a male but raised as a female a botched circumcision. The twins were also abused by their sex therapist for years . This is considered deviance because this something that you would want your kids to know especially when it has to do with them and also because of the sex therapist actions towards the

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