Are All Cops Racist Analysis

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Are All Cops Racist?
“Black Lives Matter” movement has occurred after multiple cases of the police shooting the unarmed black people. In a recent clip from The Daily Show, “Are All Cops Racist?” Trevor Noah discusses the controversy of whether or not American police are racist against minorities and how the public can solve the issue of the bias. He introduces the audiences to a satirical interview of Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper filing the report of the racism in the police force. Roy and Jordan are both successful American comedians and the correspondents of The Daily Show, a news satire television program. Thus, in their humorous tone, they hold some interviews with Bo Dietl, Phillip Goff, and Mike Koval, to look into if all cops are racist against minorities.
To form a controversy, there must be both supporters and opponents. Bo Dietl
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Goff does not agree with either all police are racist or all police are not racist. He states that each individual, including the police, holds implicit biases. According to Goff, almost everybody makes the automatic association between the minorities and stereotypes and forms an implicit bias (The Daily Show). After Jordan and Roy both express their denials to their own biases, they participate in a scenario base training that helps the police to unlink their biases with their jobs. Nevertheless, the result of the training exposes that both of the two reporters have implicit biases. Their dissimilar implicit biases lead them to determine the bad person in the scenario differently. Jordan and Roy interview Phillip Goff for his approbatory credibility. Goff expertizes in race, policing, and intersectional identity (UCLA). Therefore, his program gives the audiences an impression that there truly is a severe implicit bias against the minorities among mostly all American
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