The Cincinnati Race Riots In The 1800's

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Cincinnati had race riots going on since the 1800’s. A riot is a public outbreak of fights and violence between two racial groups in a community. One outbreak started in 1829 between Irish immigrants and African Americans for jobs in Cincinnati. Their goal was to get rid of the Black African Americans.They were wanting the African Americans to move to Canada or get out of Cincinnati period. The Cincinnati Race Riots has been starting in the late 1800’s which the author believes it is still occurring in today’s world. Police Brutality is one of the main reasons for rioting and fighting. As they say, ‘’Between 1995 and April 2001, fifteen black males suspected of crimes had been killed by Cincinnati police during confrontation or while in custody, including four since November 2000, while no white suspects were killed in that period’’ (Wikipedia Cincinnati Riots 2001 np) In 2001, the deaf of Timothy Thomas, an African American male had started a riot. He was shot by the Cincinnati Police Department.Another African American named Roger Owensby Jr. died from being put in a police chokehold for resisting arrest, which killed him. The next day, Jeffrey Irons was killed for getting into a little fight with the police. The standards of …show more content…

Many African Americans are still getting treated equally as of today. In nowadays we do have a program called ‘’BLACK LIVES MATTER ‘’. This program started in 2013 originally goes on in the black neighborhoods.It is based on the racism still going on and speaking aloud about them.They protest in the group speaking against police killings of black people, broader issues such as racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in United States criminal justice system.The author’s point of this paper is to show how racism is still going on in today’s world. There are many more ways and examples the author can explain and show how racism is going on

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