Tressie Mcmillan Cottom's The Logic Of Stupid Poor People

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Society is a dangerous and ruthless beast. A person’s wish to belong in society can ultimately be their demise to not only their financial stability but as well as their social status which is ironic, for the actions they take to belong only further separate them from society. These actions are particularly common amongst poor folks as they wish to be a part of society, but their poor financial decisions to spend all their earnings on exquisite items only drags them further away from society’s acceptance. In Tressie McMillan Cottom’s Reading, “The Logic of Stupid Poor People”, She describes her life as an African-American child born into a poor family who were able to manage their funds wisely and live comfortably while families similar to her’s, but to only manage to dig themselves into deep and unforgiving caverns of financial debt. I agree, for I have witnessed many cases of poverty stricken people drag themselves further into financial debt all for useless status symbols. One example, is a time when I drove through one of the rougher neighborhoods of inner city Houston. As I peered outside my truck’s window I noticed quite a few luxurious cars in front of the shanty and dysfunctional houses in the neighborhood. Those families with those exquisite vehicles could easily sell their car, SUV, truck, etc. …show more content…

Rather than poor folks using their money wisely and spending it on necessities they prefer to conform to society and their selfish needs to be happy and waste their money on useless objects. It is sad to see instances where the poor have the opportunity to become better off financially, but they do not take it and only drag themselves further away from financial

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