Analysis Of Andy Mulligan's Trash

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Andy Mulligan has made a very clear and bold statement about the inequalities and injustices that exist in our world today through his novel Trash. He uses his novel to explore these issues by focusing on key themes such as Poverty/Wealth and Justice/Injustice. The theme Poverty/Wealth conveys Mulligan’s statement about the inequalities of our world by using real-world examples of poverty and prosperity situations in his novel. Additionally, by exploring justice/injustice we see that Mulligan elaborates on a distinct and definite line between fair and unfair actions and their outcomes throughout his novel Trash. Therefore, the injustices and inequalities of our world today are clearly communicated and observed through Andy Mulligan’s novel. In Andy Mulligan’s novel Trash, he has made a firm statement about the inequalities and injustices in the world today. One example of this is seen throughout the theme Wealth, which is explored frequently throughout his novel. The quotes “... he’d (Zapanta) built himself a palace, for the king he thought he was. (pg. 121)” and “I (Olivia) learned that the world revolves around money. (pg. 135)” both display the inequalities between those wealthy and those poor. Mulligan conveys the differences by emphasising that with bundles of money, people are able to buy impressive things such as grand houses or lots of servants and show off to others, which can impact their reputation with companies and people by making themselves seem worth more.

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