Why You Reckon Analysis

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Today, money has made many people believe that you need to have a lot of money to live a great, happy life. People in the world, especially the people who don’t have as much money as the ones that do, look up to people like popular idols, because they have money. People think they have a great living life with all the money they have earned during their lives. In the short story “Why You Reckon?” by Langston Hughes, the author uses diction, colloquialism and dialect to express the fact that just because people have the money to go out to eat somewhere expensive or buy the newest clothes, does not mean that a person is happy all the time and expresses how people in the town talks. Money is what makes the world goes round and everyone has come …show more content…

The man convinces the narrator that when they see the first white guy come by, they’ll kidnap him and rob him. The two men finds a white couple together going towards a big party. While the women hollered at the man asking if he can get her purse and items she left in the car, he went and the two men kidnapped the rich man. They both called him “white boy” and they threatened him for the “white boys’” money. While time passed, both men gave up and decided to leave but the narrator stayed behind to watch for cops as the men told him to do so and got nothing in return from the man who robbed the “white boy”. As the narrator was left alone with the “white boy”, he decided to come clean. As the “white boy” was fixing himself up, he tells the narrator, “This is the first exciting thing that’s ever happened to me, this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had a good time in Harlem.” (pg. 258) The narrator responds back saying “If I had your money, I’d be always having a good time.” (pg. 258) At this moment, the main character realizes that not everybody who has plenty of money is

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