Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Essay

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Throughout the past twentieth century, there have been numerous life-changing events that have immensely affected the course of women’s history. Women have fought hard in order to live a better life and without their dedication, commitment, and integrity, women’s lives would not be as they are today. The two most pivotally transformative milestones that have forever changed women’s lives are the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Birth Control Pill. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire stands out as one of the most important milestone moments in history because dangerous and unsafe working conditions were drastically changed after one hundred and forty-six workers passed away. The Birth Control Pill improved the lives of women and their families …show more content…

This tragic event is well known as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which killed one hundred and forty-six young, Italian and European Jewish immigrants due to poor working conditions. Although strikes had been done in previous years to end the dangerous and unsanitary conditions in the workforce, many changes were not made and workers continued to experience harsh treatment while working in the factories. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire stands out as one of the main turning points in U.S Women’s History because it completely changed the lives of women. The working conditions and precautions improved significantly and women were much happier knowing that they were safe and protected by the law. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire not only taught people the importance of standing up for what they believe in and having a voice in society, but also encouraging others to understand the necessary regulations and precautions that need to be followed and taken seriously in the …show more content…

During the nineteenth century, women were forced to marry young, have children, and take care of the household while their husbands worked and supported the family financially. The women represented the values of piety, purity, submissiveness and domesticity. This concept, known as the ideology of true womanhood, was transformed the moment the Birth Control Pill became invented. Women began focusing on their strengths and skills that were not necessarily within the household anymore. Many wanted to get occupations and start a career of their own without having to worry about getting pregnant. Since delaying parenthood was now much easier, both women and men invested much of their time with getting an education, a job and then boosting their income in order to support their future family. With the invention of the Birth Control Pill, these hopes and dreams of many of the women were finally coming

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