Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Research Paper

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Imagine being an immigrant with no money to provide for yourself or your family. You have to turn to work in a Shirtwaist Factory in order to make a living. While working inside of the Shirtwaist Factory you notice there are many injuries that occur from the machinery, you are being lowly paid for working extended hours, including holidays, and the bosses lock the exit doors to prevent theft by the workers. Many of the immigrant women became upset and decide to go on strike, for better working conditions. As a result the owners of the company ignore the women's strike causing the women to have to go back to working unfair jobs until the fire occurs. Immigrant workers that worked inside of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company endured …show more content…

The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire helped prepare for a series of laws that improved the working conditions for the workers. The Triangle Shirtwaist fire is very similar to the Bangladesh industry crash which also had unfair working conditions that led to laws being established and factories having more inspections. According to’s article, Bangladesh factory collapse blamed on swampy ground and heavy machinery, they stated, “The disaster highlighted the hazardous working conditions in the Bangladesh garment industry and the lack of safety of workers who are lowly paid.” Though the owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory were discharged of their consequences, the Bangladesh owners did receive their consequences for mistreating the workers. In total the Bangladesh crash killed more than 2,500 people, this crash led people to take action causing the shutdown of 28 garment factories for safety reasons. Should we begin inspecting all factories before tragedies can occur? If we don’t begin noticing the working conditions in factories before something happens, there will be more deaths and injuries which could have been prevented if people would become concerned about working conditions for

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