Trickery And Deceit In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing is a play written by Shakespeare set in Messina. Throughout the play, trickery and deceit is used on the characters to either break their heart or ignite a flame of love. We see throughout reading this play that not all deceit is bad, it can very well lead to a good within the characters lives. The play can tie into modern day life and how deceit is used in hurting a person, starting a relationship or completely ruining trust. In this play, Benedick is tricked into loving Beatrice, Beatrice is tricked into loving Benedick and Hero is made to look disloyal to her new found love, Claudio.

Throughout the play, it is obvious that Benedick and Beatrice have a bitter act towards each other as they are always bickering when the chance arises. Leonato, Claudio and Don Pedro put …show more content…

Don John has both Claudio and Don Pedro come with him to the outside of Heros chamber to prove the disloyalty that she carries, but it is proven to just be another couple, one of which is in on the plan. When Claudio confronts Hero of this at their wedding, surprising everyone at the accusation, causing Hero to faint. Claudio says “There, Leonato, take her back again. Give not this rotten orange to your friend.” (4.1.31-32). This explains Claudio's new views on how he sees Hero, Claiming she is now nothing and he doesn't want her anymore. When Hero wakes up and clears her name with Leonato and Beatrice, they put together a plan to deceit Claudio to think Hero is dead, which works, and surprises him by being given away in disguise as Leonato's niece. When Claudio learns Hero is still alive after agreeing to marry who he thought was Leonato's niece, Hero says “One Hero died defiled, but i do live, and surely as I live, I am a maid’ (5.4.65-66). Hero confirms in this quote to Claudio that she has stayed a virgin and she is nothing but

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