Tuskegee Airmen Research Paper

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The Tuskegee Airmen were the most fascinated people that ever could exist. They were there when the war started and when the war ended. They were a huge help throughout it all. But what have become of those airmen. There biggest role in the war was being a pilot that served with the all-black unit. There were two types of pilots. There you had the red tails and red angels. The red tails were the ones whom fought for their freedom. The red angels were non-profit international volunteer. They became Tuskegee airmen because the experiment involving training black pilots and ground support members who originally formed the 99th pursuit squadron. They fought with distinction in the Mediterranean Theater. They lives were at risk. Once one died another came in return. …show more content…

They were highly trained and brave. Although those men were airmen, they knew how to navigate the system in the planes that they flew. But before this occurred, blacks weren’t allowed to do any of these things. It started in 1941 when the war started. Most of the Americans were in need of the airmen. They needed them for cautious reasons. Those people were the Benjamin Davis Jr. He was the first that was served in the U.S Force. In Alabama was his days of training. He was a very significant man. In conclusion, this is why the Americans needed the blacks to become helpful towards the war. They needed to see if the Tuskegee airmen were in use of being in this situation. Tuskegee airmen made a change for once. It was outstanding even though they went through training, some died to risk their lives for

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