Twelfth Night Stereotypes

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The movie She’s the Man is based on the Shakespeare Twelfth Night because in the movie, it goes to show how the idea of gender stereotypes is still influenced in today 's society and what the mainstream perceptions are about gender roles to show how the idea of gender equality transcends into modern day. In the movie and the Twelfth Night the theme of disguise is very important because Olivia in the movie was very passionate about soccer to the fact that she was willing to disguise herself as her brother, so she can be able to compete with the boys soccer team. Unfortunately, her school disbands the girls soccer team. However, in Twelfth Night, Viola decided to disguise herself as a man named Cesario, so she would not be in a vulnerable position in society, …show more content…

This can be seen in the moment where she enters the room in an ungrateful manner and the way she was eating which was not the expectation of a female. Furthermore, since the main audience that are targeted at the movie are teenagers, the main idea was to show the problem of gender expectation. The idea of gender expectation is also depicted in Twelfth Night, but the movie intends to show radical exploration on how teenage genders are stereotyped based on sports and not on the female 's ability skills. One way that the Movie is modernized of the play can be seen in the clothes because the students wore clothes and the use of technology that are considered modern. In depth, The last point to show how the movie is modernized can be seen in the last scene of the movie where Sebastian showed his penis to prove he was a boy and also when Viola does the same when she showed her breast. The idea of nudity and the showing of private areas of a gender is endured in today 's American society or culture because nudity was not acceptable in Shakespeare’s

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