Two Major Theories That Abide With Women's Rights

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America has her problems with inequality when it comes to women’s social conduct in which they belong in society. Does a women gain importance from being independent and financially competent in society or do women who aren’t a part of the female work force less of a human than her fellow women. The 1950s society was split on the issue of where women actually fit in our society after their liberations in the 1920s with gaining their right to vote, they began to have a voice in society without much progress in the 1940s had the liberation of being working and having a disposable income for the first time in their lives and being told you need to be in the home with the children this created a tremor before the feminist earthquake. Two major theories that abide with women’s rights these are functionalism and feminism. The first theory is functionalism this discusses what the roles of women in 1950s society. The second theory that persists is feminism, using activism for equality among men and woman cherishes which based on conflict theory. …show more content…

In the 1940s women had a place in the work force for the first time this was during world war two so their efforts went into building supplies for the war. they were taken from being the homemaker to being liberated and independent to do almost anything they wanted. They functioned as a man did for five to seven years, which not only helped the country win the war most importantly, they gained social value which gave them a glimpse towards what equality is truly about. In the movie Mona Lisa Smile there is a scene were Katherine asks Betty Warren

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