Two Sisters In Antigone

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Two Sisters, Two Views
Ismene from Antigone once said, “That two sisters lost two brothers, a double death”. In the play written by Sophocles, there are two brothers, one honored and one dishonored. Although not specifically stated at first, their sisters, Ismene and Antigone, are now deciding on a tough decision. This decision is whether or not to bury the dishonored brother, which is where the two sisters part views. Antigone and Ismene both feel the need to honor their brother with burial, but disagree on whether or not to disobey man’s law. There is clearly a difference between the two sisters Ismene and Antigone. The more timid sister, Ismene, is afraid of what might happen if they disobey Creon’s, the king’s, decree. Antigone, on the other hand, doesn’t care what Creon has to say about the burial and is willing to go through with it to honor both brothers equally. When Polyneices and Eteocles had gone to battle against each other, they both died “In a single hour (p.8-9).” Ismene reveals her cowardice when she says, “The law is strong, we
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Antigone in the prologue is talking with Ismene about the battle between Polyneices and Eteocles, which definitely stirs up emotions between the two. Ismene says at one point “They mean a great deal to me, but I have no strength To break laws that were made for the public good. (p.60-61)” Ismene wants to bury him, but she fears for her life and doesn’t want to gamble her life to do it. Antigone feels that she should bury her brother and is very willing to do it, as seen when she says “ I am going to bury him...He is my brother. (p.30-33)” The willingness and bravery of Antigone to do what she feels is right in this situation brings out her overall character traits, her stubbornness and passion. The love for their brothers are very great, but Antigone is more willing to act on her personal opinions than

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