Tyranol Murders Essay

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The Tylenol Murders In 1982, seven innocent Chicago civilians were boldly murdered. In late September of 1982 seven people were killed after an unknown suspect placed cyanide laced Tylenol pills in store bottles. Two main suspects in this unsolved case are James Lewis and Roger Arnold, who had both been linked to this occurrence in some way. The mystery behind the Tylenol murders can be summed up in two theories: Roger Arnold took bottles from the Tylenol distributor that he worked for, poisoned them and placed them on store shelves or James Lewis bought/stole the bottles, poisoned them and placed them on 6 different store shelves. After the deaths of seven innocent civilians, the mystery of who committed this act of terrorism still remains. Siri Agrell who wrote "Breakthrough in the case of the Tylenol Killer?" Stated that it “started on September 29, 1982 when a twelve-year old girl from Illinois named Mary Kellerman” took a Tylenol capsule and later collapsed (Agrell). That same day a postal worker named Adam Janus was brought to the hospital where they thought he died from a heart attack (Agrell). However, that evening, Adam’s brother and sister in law, both supposedly had headaches over losing Adam. One of his brothers found the bottle of pills …show more content…

Roger Arnold is the second suspect in the case after authorities failed to prove him guilty. While James Lewis is the main suspect after he was caught attempting to take credit for the murders. Although these two suspects, both have strongly compelling stories, the mystery of the Tylenol killer still remains. With these murders still unsolved it creates the question, are we really ever

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