Case Study: Lester Street Murders

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It really depends on the child and their capacity to recall and identify events and people. The most famous case I know where a child witness was the key witness was the Lester Street Murders in Memphis, TN. On March, 2008, Jessie Dotson went to 722 Lester Street, where his brother, Cecil, lived with his girlfriend and their children. Jessie killed four adults were multiple gunshot wounds, killed two children, ages 2 and 4, who were beaten and stabbed. Three other children, one just 2 months old, also were beaten and stabbed, but survived the attack. Nine-year-old Cecil "CJ" Dotson Jr., who survived being stabbed in the head, identified his uncle Jessie as the lone attacker and that he was responsible for murdering 6 others and trying to

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