Unable To Work By Elie Wiesel Summary

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The painting “Unable to Work”, by David Olѐre, conveys an impending death as an inevitable fate, as does the book “Night”, by Elie Wiesel. In “Threesome”, the family is positioned in front of a crematorium. They have just arrived at the camp, and the crematorium foreshadows their awaiting fate. But in “Night”, the foreshadowing came far before ever arriving in camp. On the train on the way to the camp, a woman, Mrs. Schächter, kept shrieking, “Look at the fire! Look at the flame! Flames everywhere…,” (26). But there were no flames. Not yet, at least. No one believed her, they thought she was crazy. Once they arrived at the camp, they realized that she was not crazy, she was speaking the truth. She was warning them of the crematorium. Aside

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