Unbroken Chapter Summary

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Lukas Mason Title of the Text: Unbroken Author: Laura Hillenbrand Section: Chapter 1 - 5 Summary: As chapter 1 begins, Louie Zamperini, a 12 year old boy is introduced. He was born in Olean, New York but he and his family moved to Torrance, California when he was just two years old. He began to cause havoc in his neighborhood. His fearless and troublesome personality is displayed as he got in trouble with the law by stealing food and money, creating pranks, and getting in a number of fights. Chapter 2 is introduced as Louie’s brother, Pete, attempts to get his little brother involved in running. Louie never knew it, but he has natural born talent as a runner. He becomes a part of the high school track team when he is 14 years old, but it wasn’t easy for Pete to motivate him to …show more content…

He attends the Army Flying School and just as he is finishing up, Japan bombs Pearl Harbor in 1941. After flight school, he meets a pilot named Russell Allen “Phil” Phillips who almost seems to be like his older brother. Phil motivates Louie to be the best he can be and because of this, he gains reason to live again. Chapter 7 begins in Oahu as Louie continues to gain respect from the many men around him. They party and play around while together but when the time comes they’re always ready to do what needs to be done. At the end of 1942, his team is sent to complete a bombing run over Japan. The trip wasn’t easy as the plane barely makes it back. Louie’s life in the army wasn’t going to be easy and chapter 8 proves that true. The men who he gained close relationships with and highly respected him were involved in a plane crash over Pearl Harbor. Ten men were killed and this scared Louie. Again, he began to lose sight of his reason to live. To cope with the pain, he began to listen to music and drink

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