Definition Essay: What Makes A Difference?

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When we define something it is because we want to understand it. We want to understand it because our knowledge of it is unacceptable. We aren't satisfied with what we know, but we learn to accept either the offered definition or the lack thereof. To accept something is to tolerate it, tolerance is the allowance of an occurrence of something one does not necessarily agree with yet does not interfere with. By tolerating something we allow uncertainty, uncertainty leads us down a journey of self-discovery, on this journey we learn to either accept uncertainty or define the term for ourselves in a most meaningful way.
What is happiness? Happiness is typically defined as the state of being happy, feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, how can something so vast be defined by something as simple as showing pleasure? In simple terms being happy is expressing pleasure, however, happiness isn't simple, it is in fact immensely complicated and impossible to define. For thousands of years, humans have been trying to define an emotion, but how can one define an emotion when it's simply a feeling. People use art to express their feelings, but even so every piece of art is different, everyone experiences emotions differently. Everyone defines happiness differently, yet we all want it, we all want happiness despite the complications …show more content…

More and more research comes out daily, giving us a new definition of happiness, or a new way to be happy. We want to be happy, but we can't because we don't know what it is. Happiness is a concept that has led to thoughtless society. “Happiness is a folk notion employed by laypersons who have various practical interested in the matter.” We've been told we want it so others can profit, however, if we turn to our other emotions and learned how to use them and understand them, our world would once again begin

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