Unfair Sentencing: The Problem With The Criminal Justice System

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Out of the countless systems that America has, the criminal justice system has the most complication. Many judges, lawyers, and even prisoners have views on how to improve the criminal justice system but, to be able to pin point the problems of the criminal justice system you must discern what the causes are. Most would say that the problem with the prison system is the overcrowding. A few says the sentencing causes chaos in the criminal justice system. I believe that one or the main problem with the criminal justice system is the sentencing. Many of the prisoners are incarnated for petty drug charges or unfair sentencing as a consequence the prisons is overpopulated and causes confusion. The Three Strikes and you’re out policy will have the…show more content…
When it comes to the war on drugs law makers draw a blink on whom and how to punish. This cause chaos for judges and over populations in prison. Many lawmakers have struggled over the years with finding the right solution for sentencing for crimes. For example in the war on drugs congress came together and made a law that was passed that stated, if you were caught with certain about of drugs in your possession you will get life with no parole. This law seemed to be the wisest ways to crack down on major drug dealers but, turned out to be a disaster. Instead of lawmakers snatching the major drug dealers they received the pack mules, the little guys, the addicts or, even the girlfriend/wife. This caused the prison to become over populated with the wrong…show more content…
More difficult that being a defense attorney. This is why the minim and maximum sentencing have helped improve the criminal justice system. This helps give the judges a guidelines on how long the person should be put behind bars. This helps the criminal justice system get people in and out and enough years. Sentencing can almost be repaired with the Three Strict and you are out policy created by Bill Clinton. It helps unpopulated the prisons because many are giving a two chances to get their act together before they can be facing serious jail time. This also helps those who were just either in the wrong place at the wrong time and also people that just need a reality check a chance to see that this is a serious offense and that if they don’t straighten up they will be put behind

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