Uniformitarianism Vs Catastrophism Essay

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I. Introduction
I will discuss the geologic paradigms of uniformitarianism and catastrophism. Both theories shape the Earth’s surface, but are compared in different ways. Uniformitarianism theory details how things happen on and to the earth. Catastrophism theory believed that all things happen and change on earth due to major catastrophes such as meteorites impacting earth. The main question I will answer is how and when these two theories came about, and what makes these two theories different.
II. Old-Earth Secular View
Old-Earth view is proclaimed to be inspired by the Bible and the Word of God. The old-earth theory was started in 18th and 19th century by three French geologist
(Berggren & Couvering, 2014). An old-earth viewpoint is that the operations that are happening in today’s world have been happening for a long time. The quote written by James Hutton” The present is the key to the past”, is a good indication of how the old-earth viewpoint is viewed (Berggren & Couvering, 2014). The process can be weak and slow for a long period of time and then it can turn into a catastrophic
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The first reason Uniformitarianism believe that what has happened to the earth geological has taken billions of years, and they believe the world is millions of years old (Barker,1998). Catastrophism think that large scale catastrophes hit the earth and change the geographic form in a short period of time, as well as the earth is young not old. Uniformitarianism does not think there was catastrophic events that happened on the earth, but that the earth changes slowly so things such as rainwater causes the soil to erode (Barker, 1998). Catastrophism think that the geological formations of the earth were battered from the molten rock and from the rock cooling it formed mountain ranges. Only through natural disaster the earth formed its present day

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