Unoka And Ojiugo Analysis

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Although Okwonkwo loves Unoka and Ojiugo, he has little patience with them. “He had no patience with unsuccessful men.”(3/3). Since his father was unsuccessful, he didn’t really like him. Okwonkwo was upset with Ojiugo because she wasn’t home. That’s not really a good reason to be upset, and brutally hurt someone.
Okwonkwo treats ojiugo awful, and abuses her at one point in the story. “And when she returned he beat her very heavily.” (29/3). Although unoka and ojiugo are his relatives, he’s never hit his father. A similarity between the feelings he has for unoka and ojiugo is anger, at one point in the story. This tells me that okonkwo is aggressive and impatient. In the story, Okwonkwo is unsympathetic. Okwonkwo is unsympathetic because i can’t understand his reasoning for beating ojiugo. There was no good reason for him to hit her. I also feel like the entire village is unsympathetic. I feel like they’re unsympathetic, because i don’t understand why they care more about peace week than a citizen of the village.
Even though Unoka is okwonkwo’s father, that doesn’t mean Okwonkwo loves him like one. Although, Unoka is dead, Okwonkwo isn’t really proud of the image his father left behind. “He had had no patience with his father.” (3/3). His father was lazy, improvident,
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I can understand why he wouldn’t like his father. His father left him nothing behind, and Okwonkwo had to start from the beginning at a very young age. In the story, Okwonkwo is sympathetic and times, but he’s also unsympathetic at times. When it comes to his father, he’s sympathetics, because if my father had left me with nothing and left with the image he had i would be upset too. When your father is a failure, people expect you’ll be the same. Most of the time it’s like that, and i think that unoka was motivation for Okwonkwo. Unoka made so many mistakes in his life that Okwonkwo can look back and know all the things not to
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