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Abortion is a very controversial topic. There are two sides to the topic and they will never reached a conclusion. However, in the book Unwind, by Neal Shusterman, both sides come to a compromise through war. Kids between ages thirteen and eighteen can be unwound by their parents, if they do not want them.
The Bill of LIfe is the compromise between the Pro-Life and the Pro-Choice armies during the Second Civil War, called The Heartland War. Kids who are unwound are in a divided state. Their parts are one hundred percent used to provide organs to people in need of them. Ultimately, the kids’ lives do not technically end and they are alive during the whole process. Connor Lassiter is going to be unwound, so he decides to go AWOL, absent without leave. He meets Risa Ward, a girl from StaHo, and Lev Calder, a tithe, trying to escape juvey-cops on a highway. On their journey, Connor is caught “storking” a baby. Storking is when someone does not want his/her baby and puts the baby on a doorstep. The practice is legal if he/she does not get caught leaving it on someone’s doorstep. Kids are then taken to the Graveyard, a place where old airplanes are salvaged, to prevent …show more content…

One of the more well known ones was in 1970 through 1973. This was known as Roe versus Wade. Jane Roe filed a lawsuit against Henry Wade because she believed she had a right to terminate her pregnancy and not have to travel of the state of Texas to do so. She thought Texas making abortion illegal, violated the constitution and her rights to privacy. It was said that it is a woman’s decision to continue with the pregnancy or not. She believed that she did not have to go through the effects of pregnancy if she did not want the baby. The court looked back through history including ancient Greek and the today’s history then. The Court’s decision was seven to two by Justice Harry Blackmun. Today, Texas prohibits abortion after twenty-eight weeks of

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